Let’s Journey Together


This anthology is a torch of inspiration, motivation and belief in the possibility of transformation for everyone that picks it up. It serves as a light to illuminate the path for other who are wondering how or whether they’ll make it.

Review excerpts:

“ If you want to be uplifted and inspired, the stories these ladies have shared will absolutely do it!!” – LH

“…. make you feel, inspire you, gripe you, make you tear up, shift you into a new light and especially a new light of understanding.”  — TH

“ these ladies did not let these chains hold them back and they have gone on to thrive. There are so many different and relatable stories in this book that can be shared to help others know they are not alone.”  — J

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“…grateful for the foresight I had that led me to apply to volunteer months ealier. At the time, I had no idea my mom would be passing away. It was already clear volunteering was more of a gift for me than a way to be of service.”

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